How To Fix Apache Web Server 502 Errors

If you have apache web server error 502 on your system, we hope this guide will help you.

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    What is 502 Bad Gateway error in Apache. You will get a 502 bad inbound error if your web server is able to act as a reverse proxy and has also not received valid responses from the original main internet. So your web server returns every 502 response code to the website visitor’s browser.

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    Is 502 a temporary error?

    If the error occurs even if you are using a browser, you will see your message that says “502. This is mistake. The server encountered a non-permanent error and was unable to process the request.

    Just so you can add specific settings, I had a similar setup (with the reverseApache 2.0.63 proxy from Tomcat to 5.0.27).

    apache web server 502 error

    For some URLs, page rendering can easily take up to 20 minutes for the Tomcat server.

    What is a 502 proxy Error reading from remote server?

    A 502 Bad Gateway error indicates that the Edge Server (a server acting only as a proxy) often failed to receive a valid response, or could not receive a response from the origin server (also known as the upstream server).

    I ended up changing some of the following settings in Apache’s startup configuration to prevent it from properly timing out when the proxy is active (due to the high overflow factor in the process, Tomcat took longer to return each page):

    Why do I get a 502 Bad gateway error?

    What causes the absolute 502 Bad Gateway error? Server Overload: An overloaded server is one of the most common causes of this 502 error. Here, the Internet has reached its storage capacity, which is constantly activated by an unusually large number of visitors trying to access the same website.

    Timeout 5400Proxytimeout 5400

    Some General Information

    One ProxyTimeout was not enough. Looking at the timeout documentation, I suspect (not sure) that this is because while Apache is waiting for a response via Tomcat, no traffic is being passed between Apache and the browser (or any HTTP client) and therefore Apache is dropping the connection , which sets the browser.

    How do I fix Error 502 server?

    Reloads the countrynitsa.Start some new browser session or load your site in another browser.Restart our computer and network devices.Clear the best cache and cookies.Change your personal DNS server.Contact the site manager or your ISP.

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