Configuring DNS Round Robin In Windows DNS For An Easy Fix Solution For Load Balancing

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    Round the Boy Wonder Load balancing is an easy way to distribute client requests to the right set of servers. The client request, in turn, is redirected to each server. The algorithm tells the weight balancer to go back to each of us at the top of the list and do it again.

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    configuring dns round robin in windows dns for load balancing


    How configure DNS load balancing?

    In DNS, map a single host specification to multiple IP addresses. Each one is associated with a port number, I have to say the same for each IP address.Disable DNS caching in the application.Configure the load balancing behavior (see “Configuring the load balancing behavior”).

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    Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows 2016

    Your remote computer can use this section to learn more about configuring DNS policies so it can load balance applications.

    Previous versions only offered debt balancing by rounding responses due to Windows Server DNS; Surprisingly, butWith DNS in Windows Server 2016, you can set up DNS security plans for application load balancing.

    If you’ve already deployed multiple usage instances, you can use DNS policy to balance traffic across the load of different application instances, thereby dynamically balancing the traffic load across the entire application.

    Application Load Balancing Example

    The following is an example of how DNS policy can be used for application load balancing.

    This example uses the fictitious business organization Contoso Gift Services, which provides an online gift service and has a website called’s online operations are hosted in many different datacenters, each with different IP addresses.

    configuring dns round robin in windows dns for load balancing

    In North America, Contoso’s key gifting market, each website is hosted in three nearby data centers: Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.

    The Seattle web server has the best hardware configuration to handle doubleLess load than the other two sites. Contoso Gift Services requires application traffic to be routed as follows.

  • Because the web server in Seattle has more resources, half of the application’s clients are directed to this server
  • A quarter of customers using apps are directed to a data center in Dallas, Texas.
  • A quarter of this application’s customers go to the data center in Chicago, Illinois.
  • How Application Load Balancing Works

    How do I create a round-robin entry in DNS?

    Open the DNS snap-in by logging into a personal computer that has just had the DNS snap-in installed.Click Start, select Administrative Tools, and then clickDNS.Expand the remote computer name, expand Forward Lookup Zones, and then expand the domain name.

    After configuring a DNS server with a DNS policy for application buffer balancing using this example script, the entire DNS server will respond with 50% Seattle web hosting server address and 25% Dallas web server address, plus the web hosting address. server. next to Chicago. 25% of the time.

    Therefore, the DNS server that receives the software responds to four queries: two responses for Seattle and one each for Dallas and Chicago.

    A potential problem with fully balancing the DNS policy bucket is certainly the caching of DNS records by the entire DNS client and resolvingAuthor/LDNS, which can affect load balancing when a client or resolver sends a query instead of the DNS server.< /p>

    You can mitigate this behavior by using a small Time to Live (TTL) value for DNS records that need to be balanced on load.

    How To Set Up Application Load Balancing

    The following sections show you how to directly configure DNS policy for application placement balancing.

    Creating zone zones

    First, you need to define the site zones for the data centers where they will almost always be hosted. area

    What is DNS round robin configuration?

    DNS Round Robin is a way in which load balancing is handled by a DNS server rather than a strictly dedicated computer. The DNS entry has more than one IP address. When a query is made to the DNS server, which in turn maintains that record, the response that this task gives for each query provides alternatives.

    An area is an instance of a zone. A DNS zone can have multiple scale areas, with each zone area containing its own set of product DNS records. The same entry can exist in multiple areas with different or the same IP addresses.

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