Tips For Fixing Event ID 58053 Symantec

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    Sometimes, your computer may show the Symantec event ID 58053 error. There can be several reasons for this problem to occur.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • Code: 100015348

    Last published: 01.15.2019

    event id 58053 symantec

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    Event ID 58053: “Library extension parameter violation!” usually reported when starting Backup Exec.

    Error Message

    This server is licensed to support Tape 0 in Robot Libraries.

    However, the number of tape drives currently in use exceeds the license. Must purchase multiple other library expansion options or remove 1 tape drive. See the tool’s documentation for more information.

    A corresponding Windows event indicates that the Backup Exec(tm) Library Expansion Option (LEO) licenses are indeed insufficient for the number of drives in the PC’s automated library.

    Event Source: Backup Exec
    Event Category: None
    Event ID: 58053
    Date of:
    User: N/A
    Computer: BESERVER
    Back Device Warningup Exec: error
    (Server: “BE-SERVER”) Library extension parameter violation.


    event id 58053 symantec

    Support for running one robotic library is included with Backup Exec from Windows servers, and a license is required for each additional drive. p>

    Backup Exec installed on a device connected to a san hop is much more than an HBA and two SCSI paths configured on the fly (Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO)) and poorly designed.


    According to the Backup Exec Administrator’s Guide:

    “Single-key robotic library drive support is simply included in Backup Exec for Windows servers, each additional drive requires a license. If you don’t add certification, the expansion option If you want to license additional robotic library drives, you must purchase Backup Exec for Windows — Server Library Extension (LEO) option.

    Using Robot with Library Backup Exec provides convenient, automated support for creating high-bandwidth network environments. Please note that after Backup Exec(tm)support an unlimited number of offline drives, it is likely that no additional leo licenses will be required for offline drives.

  • Check the Windows event logs for hardware-related audit messages
  • Remove and reinstall the LEO license for Backup Exec to resolve this issue.
  • This issue can also usually occur here if it is a single robotic library with a single drive and has split enabled.

  • Partitioning is a library extension. This is a way of partitioning a single variant into logical partitions so that it appears to the host that they are several independent physical libraries. Each logical library can be managed (separated) independently, as if they were different libraries.
  • This contains multiple entries to change location.
  • The same can be defined in the device window manager.
  • Backup Exec considers this a set of robotic libraries and therefore requires it as a license violation.
  • Library sections are created and optimized throughLIBRARY CONTROL PANEL or web console (see vendor instructions for more information). Details)
  • It can be easily removed or changed from the library’s web interface. (Power off required for changes to take effect)

    Same can cause problems You can also see where the tape library had 2 connections, so the media server assumed there were 2 libraries. To resolve this issue, the sheet interface has been disabled and the event and warning message in Backup Exec no longer displays an error message.

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