How To Fix Problems With Changing Email Address In Outlook Contacts

You may encounter an error code when changing an email address in Outlook Contacts. Coincidentally, there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue, and we’ll be doing that shortly.

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    On the Contacts page, select your contact lists in the navigation area, or search for the name of the contact list. Select Shared Contact List, then select Edit. Enter names or email addresses. Select Save.

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    Creating colleagues is easy, and before you know it, you’ll have dozens, if not hundreds, of colleagues in your Contacts folder. It is likely that some of them have connections, such as the specified company or the same address.

    how to change email address in outlook contacts

    If your entire family keeps this kind of information along with co-workers, you probably don’t want to open up and contact everyone to add the exact information. Or maybe worse; Do you want to change this address for every contact during a company move? I know I wouldn’t!

    The following method describes a simple general information update strategy for contact information that has the same features in one or more contact fields.

    Step 1: Update One Speaker

    First, we’ll just update the records for contact 1 (in this section, theother address), and then save and close this contact.

    Step 2: Group The View By Field To Update It

    Second, we’ve changed the interface of the Contacts folder so that all contacts are grouped by this updated field. So for our favorite example of updating address organization, this would be:

    1. Make sure your experience is presented as a list, such as a list of phones.
      • Outlook 2007
        View -> Current View -> Phone List
      • Outlook 2010 to 2013/2016/2019 Office 365 respectively
        View->Change View->Phone
    2. Open the Advanced Display Options dialog box.
      • Outlook 2007
        View->Arrange By->Custom…
      • Outlook 2010/2013 to 2016/2019/Office 365 (classic ribbon)
      • Office View 365 (Single Line Ribbon)
        View->Current View->Display Settings…
    3. In the Advanced Display Options dialog, click the Group By… button.
    4. At the top, set “Select available segments from:” to “Address fields”.
    5. Above, the user can now set the “Group Services By” field in the “To Do” fieldBusiness address”.

      field selector below, first “Business address” at the top.

    6. Close open dialog boxes by clicking OK.

    Step 3: Drag To Update

    Drag buttonNow you will see that all your contacts are grouped by “Companies” in the address field. Select the contacts that still have their address removed and drag the children to the updated contact group. Normally, Outlook will automatically update the work address field for all of a person’s contacts.

    You can also drag the group header of some old addresses directly onto the group header of the new address to update all perspectives in that group.

    how to change email address in outlook contacts

    Of course, you can repeat the above process if you really want to update other segments as well.

    Unfortunately, dragging contacts into the group header context will update the contact fields.

    Alternative Method 1: Edit Via CSV

    Some professions cannot be upgraded in the way described above. For example, when a real company changed its name and even receivednew domain name for email addresses.

    To update multiple email addresses of your contacts related to your company, you can export your own contacts to a CSV file and use Excel’s Notepad replacement feature, or quickly update all changed contacts.

    For more information about this method, see How to find and replace contact fields.

    Alternate Formula 2: Editing With Find, Replace, And Complete

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  • If you want a very basic or advanced approach within Outlook itself, you can also start using the search override and add-in.

    Sperry’s local, global, and search replacement software not only provides basic replace and search functionality, but also makes it easy to select search fields, use wildcards, use common expressions, and support tasks – and/or a calendar folder.

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    Instead of changing the current payment, you can also track each special business address or update contacts. Step then you’ll walk away with ;

    1. Open the View Control dialog box

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