How To Debug Clist Easy Fix Solution

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  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process
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    If you know how to debug clist on your PC, this guide should help you.


    Many host services have been invoked or instructed using CLISTs. Some CLISTs include a powerful setting called “This Debug” that can be used to set various debugging and tracing options.

    The disadvantage of most uses of the CLIST DEBUG option is probably that it only applies to CLIST One and is not available for certain areas of the product. The previously documented TIUDEBUG utility performs the same functions as the DEBUG parameter type, but operates on every bit of the CLIST.

    The DEBUG() parameter accepts a single large value, which is a sequence of single characters that specifies some type of debugging activity to be performed upon completion. The string consists of the following compound character values:


    Specify concatenated to display command execution in CLIST on the terminal.


    Set the SQL statement that was executing when the SQL error occurred as fatal.


    Specify that traffic control should be successfully traced from one program flow to another.


    Specify that some important computer data variables should be displayed in addition to the plotting method. If used, a trace of the procedure is also given.

    EX install.pds.clist(iefup) DEBUG(CSDP)EX install.pds.clist(iefup) DEBUG(PD)

    Copyright CA Technologies.All privileges are reserved.

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    Debugger profile, configuration files, and EXEC

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

  • See Setting up a debugger PROFILE.use with debuggerPROFILE, a custom debugger feature that automatically passes CLIST to EXEC.the main debugger to run when the shared debugger is invoked.

    exec name=”z1857733″>be activatedAt any time during the addition to the CLIST, you must pipe all valid EXECs to the debugger.Debug session.

    Under you can use both CLIST and just EXEC REXX. inREXX EXEC, the public must run the following command for the subcommands to existIntended for the general debugger, not TSO:

    Address "CDEBUG"

    There are no restrictions or objections to mixing CLIST and REXX.EXECUTION A program of any type can call another program of a different type. Although almost all REXXEXEC is active, interrupts seem to be picked up by EXEC and unlike attentiondebugger. exec see (TSO) for more information on running CLIST as well as EXEC under TSO.

    In CMS EXECmust be written in REXX or possibly EXEC2and be of file type CDEBUG. See exec (TSO) for more information on EXEC executables running under the CMS.

    No limits for TSO and CMSVia commands can be used in a new EXEC or CLIST. However, as a rule, the consequencesuse specific instructions. In addition, there are fuzzy exec rules that can be used on their own or as part of on.command.

    Commands That Continue To Run

    If the CLIST or EXEC contains the required purchasedebugger to continue delivery (abort, continue, exit, go,goto, resume, runto and optionally step), the command is executed, and EXEC orCLIST always terminates.Other CLIST/EXEC commands following your command will not be executed.

    Echo EXEC Or CLIST Lines

    execechoThe keyword can usually be used with the auto command.returns each line of CLIST a or EXEC before the company is parsed and executeddebugger. In full screen mode, the models are displayed in the log window.and in the mode line, it usually returns to the session log.

    The fallback parameter for this command is also noexececho. Can you check the setting withCommand request.

    Automatic keyword for transferThe command also supports exececho. See Transmission for more”z1332556″>execution

    You may not use anyOther debuggerA command on the same line, followed by the exec and % commands. (The % command used is only used inOS/390.)

    dbinput Command

    how to debug clist

    dbinput influence can be called from perfect CLIST or EXECtoenter hints from the terminal. In a trusted full screen session, writemade with the meeting window, and in line mode, from which the session is madeLine hint.

    blog name=”z1857744″>The dblog command can be called in order from CLIST and/or possibly from display information returned to the terminal. Displayed in full screen modesent to the windshield log, in line mode is very strongly displayed in the session log.

    how to debug clist

    You canDevelop a CLIST or business test that contains the value of an international variable.the previous state machine undoubtedly returned by the debugger. Global variables containing condition code values ​​enumerate global variableswhich should be able to check the value code for the status.

    CAC/K debuggerSpecify the exception return codes listed under Debug Command Specified Return Codes. The “Success” column is presentedshows the return code returned to CLIST when the actual debug command is executed.The column grouped with “Failed” shows the code that can be passedwhen the debugger is a command and not running.

    inThe return codes of the specified debug commands * indicates that a no-prompt request is returned, even if it is not normally recognizedThe text after the actual command.

    What followsThe source code lists show how to get started with REXX EXEC when starting the provider.running some sas/c debugger.

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