Core Streaming Wow Thunk Service Solutions

You may encounter an error code showing that the wow thunk kernel streaming service is showing up. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will get into it soon.

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    Kernel Streaming WOW Thunk Service is now a bundled application that helps the ksthunk. system This is definitely a Windows process that installs on a 64-bit platform. The general directory path is C:WindowsSystem 32driversksthunk.

    kernel streaming wow thunk service

    Kernel Streaming (KS) is clearly a service provided by Microsoft that supports kernel-mode streaming. Suggestions

    What is Ksthunk sys driver?

    A real xthank. sys is a component of the Microsoft Windows Platform (64-bit) only from Microsoft. Ksthunk.sys, a smaller Microsoft driver file (about 20 KB) called Kernel Streaming WOW Thunk Service, is only used on 64-bit Windows systems and is located in the “C:WindowsSystem32Drivers” folder.

    Three classes of Microsoft media driver models: Port class, Creek class, and AVStream. The supplier warrants that the Minidriver works in one of these three vehicle model classes.

    Drivers of this class are implemented as third-party drivers (kernel-mode DLLs) in function files portcls.sys, stream.sys, and ks.sys. On Windows and later versions of XP, the ks.sys file is now called AVStream.

    What is Ksthunk?

    Kstunk. sys uses the SYS file extension, which is more dangerously known as the WOW thunk kernel streaming file. It is classified as a Win64 EXE (driver) file created by Microsoft for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. First version due to ksthunk.

    In Windows XP SP2 and later, Microsoft provides a complete USB video driver class.

    This section will contain outdated documentation forSee the following areas related to the original (pre-XP) ks.sys driver:

    What is WDM kernel streaming?

    Mainstream streaming is now part of WDM and is widely used by WDM Audio. DirectMusic uses the appropriate WDMAud system driver as a kernel-mode component and reliably transmits its information in kernel mode in the form of I/O Request Packets (IRPs). All DirectMusic interfaces are WDM only.

    Video capture mini-drivers can be stream.sys or ks.sys clients.

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  • < td>File type: Type: Period : Version: Mask flags: flags:: Name: < td>Legal copyright:

    File information Description
    File size: 20 KB
    File modification date/time: 2009:07:14 00:00:19+00:00
    Date/time of file index change: 2017:11:05 07:07:16+00:00
    EXE Win64

    application /octet-stream
    Machine Type: AMD AMD64
    Timestamp: 2009:07:14 00 : 00:19 +00:00
    PE type: PE32+
    Linker version: < /td>/td>

    Code size: 14720
    Initialized data size: 5376
    Uninitialized data size: 0

    System Version Operating e: 6.1
    Image version: 6.1

    File version number: 6.1.7600.16385
    product version number: 6.1.7600.16385


    file < tr> operating system: 32-bit Windows NT
    Object file type: Driver
    File < tr> Subtype: 0
    Language code: English (United States)
    Character set: Unicode
    Company name

    Microsoft Corporation
    File description: Kernel Streaming WOW Thunk Service
    File version er: 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm. 090713-1255)

    © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Original filename: ksthunk.sys
    Name Product version: Microsoft® Windows® operating system
    Product version: 6.1.7600.16385

    –” Parts of the data file provided by Sluzhba Potokovoj Peredachi Yadra Wow Thunk
    Strumieniowanie Jadra Wow Thunk Service
    Kernel Streaming Wow Thunk Dienst
    Kernel Streaming Wow Thunk Servicio
    커널 스트리밍 와우 썽크 서비스
    Kernel Streaming Wow Thunk Tjanst
    Servico De Transmissao Wow Tunk Do Kernel
    Kernel Streaming Wow Thunk Service
    Servizio Di Streaming Del Kernel Wow Thunk
    Service De Streaming Du Noyau Wow Thunk

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